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How to treat diabetic nephropathy with traditional Chinese M

2017-05-02 16:36
Chinese medicine treatment of diabetic nephropathy? If you can not control the diabetic nephropathy illness caused by the risk of renal insufficiency is great, the treatment of diabetic nephropathy is not only control the disease, more important is to should reduce hyperglycemia, prevent kidney damage, it should be paid more attention in the treatment and life. Chinese medicine treatment of diabetic nephropathy?
The pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy
Treatment of diabetic nephropathy with traditional Chinese medicine holographic gene therapy
1, through the use of superconducting technology to change the physical properties of traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacological properties, improve drug utilization, improve clinical efficacy.
2, through the electric heating, electromagnetic superconducting function makes human blood capillary expansion, blood circulation is accelerated, and the special traditional Chinese medicine in a short period of time to form a super atomizing medicine ion permeability, directly into the affected parts of a human body, achieve the purpose to improve the efficacy of intensive treatment.
3, to ionize the medicated bath, acupuncture, bath, superconducting electronic light spectrum therapy by superconducting electromagnetic medicine from excitatory light bath to stimulate human nerve, arousing the vital qi, regulating immunity, balance the body neurohumoral endocrine system, and effectively promote the curative effect of oral topical drugs better play, is a fast and effective method to treat diabetes nephropathy.
In order to better rehabilitation of diabetic nephropathy patients in our hospital based on the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment on the introduction of the latest treatment technology, can be continuously accelerated kidney recovery of damaged cells, but also can rebuild the immune system in patients with diabetic nephropathy, can prevent the harm to patients caused by repeated.

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