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Diabetic nephropathy is more harmful than expected

2017-05-05 18:57

"About 30%-40% diabetic patients may be associated with diabetic nephropathy, early clinical symptoms of diabetic nephropathy is not obvious, perhaps only microalbuminuria, so it is not easy to cause the patient's attention. Once the clinical significant proteinuria, half of patients in about 5 years is likely to develop kidney failure, we must attach great importance to the prevention and treatment of early diabetic nephropathy the day before." in Shijiazhuang held by the liver kidney disease hospital in a major health lecture activities, the vice president Fan Liqiang says.

Fan Liqiang explained that the chronic kidney disease is mainly caused by infection; diabetic nephropathy is related to eating habits. In recent years, open data, China's chronic nephritis ratio decreased year by year, and the incidence of diabetic nephropathy increased. Clinical investigation found that diabetic nephropathy in elderly people aged 40 to 60 years old in the main, and the trend was younger, more than and 20 years old were not uncommon.

"Ten years ago, in patients with chronic kidney disease, diabetic nephropathy is less than 10%, and now increased to more than 25%, of which the chronic disease of the elderly," Lai "to diabetic nephropathy is more and more." Fan Liqiang said that high calorie diet is the main cause of diabetic renal disease increased, and now many person's life, eating habits increasingly westernized, leading to more and more people have high blood pressure, diabetes and other disease.

While excessive calorie diet, make insulin secreted by the pancreas to keep up with the need of human body, cause blood sugar conversion function is blocked, resulting in blood glucose level has been higher than the normal level, increased kidney burden, eventually causing irreversible damage to the kidney, cause kidney disease.

Fan Liqiang stressed that, for the patients with diabetic nephropathy, the most important is to control the intake of the diet, especially to control the intake of fat and sugar intake, eat more fruits and vegetables. In addition, many also develop the habit of exercise, exercise to consume excess calories, promote sugar decomposition, reduce the burden on the kidneys.

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