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Diabetic nephropathy is divided into several stages

2017-05-22 11:34

The stage of diabetic nephropathy mainly includes five points as follows: stage I: this stage is mainly characterized by increased glomerular filtration rate and increased renal volume. This initial lesion with high blood glucose level is the same, but reversible, after insulin treatment can be restored to the hospital, but experts explained can not complete the return to a normal state. Phase II: the excretion rate of urinary albumin has been normal in this stage, but structural changes have been observed in the glomerulus. The urinary albumin excretion rate (UAE) was normal (<20 g/min or <30mg/24h), and the UAE increased in the group after exercise.

diabetic nephropathy

The glomerular capillary basement membrane (GBM) began to thicken and the mesangial matrix began to increase. GFR was much higher than normal and was consistent with blood glucose levels. GFR>150mL/min patients had glycated hemoglobin often >9.5%. Patients with GFR>150mL/min and UAE>30 g/min are more likely to develop diabetic nephropathy. Stage III: this stage is also called early diabetic nephropathy. The urinary albumin excretion rate of patients was 20~200 mu g/min, and the blood pressure of patients showed a slight upward trend, and the glomerular dysfunction began to appear. Stage IV: clinically diabetic nephropathy or overt diabetic nephropathy. This phase is characterized by the presence of large amounts of albuminuria (greater than 3.5 grams per day), edema and hypertension. The edema in diabetic nephropathy begins to become more severe and the response to diuretics is poor. V stage: for the end-stage renal failure stage. Diabetic patients once appear persistent proteinuria is likely to develop diabetes nephropathy, due to extensive thickening of glomerular basement membrane, glomerular capillary lumen stenosis and more glomerular bad back, glomerular filtration function were decreased, resulting in renal failure.

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