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Diabetic nephropathy diet less fat limit fat.

2017-05-22 16:48

Early diagnosis and treatment of diabetic nephropathy. Once diagnosed, in addition to the necessary medical treatment, it is important to pay attention to diet conditioning. This will help reduce the burden on the kidneys, improve the control and rehabilitation of the disease, and alleviate further damage to the kidneys due to prolonged use of the disease.

The main aspects of its diet are the following:

1. control vegetable protein intake. Diabetic patients often use vegetable protein as a supplement to control carbohydrate intake. Plant protein containing heavy purine bases, excessive intake will increase the burden on the kidneys, so it should be a high protein food restricted soybean, mung bean, Soybean Milk and other edible can be replaced by fish, shrimp, sea cucumber and meat etc..

2. limit fat. When kidney disease occurs, it should limit the amount of fat intake, because fat can cause hardening of the arteries, and kidney disease itself is the manifestation of renal arteriosclerosis. Vegetable oil can be used instead of animal fat, and the daily intake of vegetable oil should be controlled below 60-70 grams.

3. limit high purine foods. A large number of purine metabolism in the body will increase the burden on the kidneys. Celery, spinach, peanut, chicken soup, broth, meat and animal offal, sardines PigHead and so rich in purine, should be strictly restricted diet. Lean meat also contains purine, when eating, you can first boil the meat in the water, leaving soup to eat.

4. eat less salt, eat eggs. When kidney disease is swollen and high blood pressure, the amount of salt should be limited, and the average daily intake of salt should be 2-4 grams. Egg proteins produce more uric acid during metabolism. When the impaired renal function, will make the final product in savings and nitrogen heavier burden on the kidneys, so when renal insufficiency should not eat.

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