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Can uremia kidney failure be cured?

2017-05-27 11:27

Treatment of kidney disease is only in a backup means, we do not have time for the prevention of kidney disease, active prevention is essential, not suffering from kidney disease when it is regret, and by then it was too late. About kidney failure, how to prevent it?

The incidence of renal failure is a primary disease to renal unit damage, renal function damage after the unit did not receive timely repair, to cause renal injury aggravated or damage the unit, causing the decline of its function, which leads to the occurrence and development of renal dysfunction, leading to nausea and vomiting renal insufficiency, symptoms of uremia. Therefore, no matter which stage of kidney disease develops, the recovery of renal function and the function of the cell itself are decisive to the improvement of kidney disease. Renal function is expected to improve only when primary disease is improved and relieved.

After kidney dysfunction, the immunity of the body is very low. And the cold is systemic disease, immune function drops, Chang Jifa infection. The infection will aggravate the process of renal fibrosis and aggravate the impairment of functional renal units.

Clinical evidence shows that nearly 20% chronic nephritis patients suffer from cold. Nearly 40% of patients with chronic nephritis are aggravated by colds, while chronic nephritis is the primary disease of chronic renal failure. It is not difficult to see the adverse effects of cold on the occurrence and development of diseases, and the importance of prevention and treatment of colds has become an important factor in determining whether or not renal fibrosis is accelerating.

Studies have shown that after fatigue, including fatigue caused by sexual life, metabolic products in the body increased, increasing the workload of the kidneys, kidney has been suffering from chronic renal failure is unfavorable, aggravating the disease. Therefore, work and rest, avoid excessive labor, proper rest, beneficial kidney function recovery.

In the face of "body which has a problem, where doctors prescribe medicine" - that patients commonly mentioned problems, early intervention on uremic treatment ward expert Zhang Lu director, some drugs (including some medicine) have toxic effects on the kidneys, and in patients with chronic renal failure, some cases are associated with renal toxicity drug. Therefore, the patient can take their anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs, such as gentamicin antibiotic, traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine containing potassium mercury, Fructus Xanthii and Lei Gongteng, such as cold hot caowu.

Here to remind friends of patients need to go to the hospital professional nephropathy examination and treatment, to do early detection and early treatment, the sooner the treatment effect will be better, let the friends of patients earlier to have a healthy body, get rid of diseases brought by the distress, wish the friends of patients can recover as soon as possible.

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