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What are the risks of dialysis?

2017-05-27 11:31

What is the harm in hemodialysis? To treat his illness by many dialysis in uremic patients, but also very worried about the harm of dialysis, so many people want to know what is actually want to know the harm of dialysis, this problem is not difficult, let the experts to us about it, I hope to give you bring some help.

What are the hazards of dialysis? We have to mention what is talking about dialysis dialysis? Hemodialysis (referred to as HD) is also called artificial kidney, also called kidney dialysis or hemodialysis. It's one of the blood purification techniques. Worldwide, uremic patients rely largely on dialysis to support life. Hemodialysis has some significance in alleviating symptoms and prolonging the survival time. Hemodialysis is a membrane according to the balance principle, the patient's blood through a thin film with many holes, these holes can allow smaller molecules to pass through, and the molecular diameter is greater than the membrane pores are blocked and left, and the semipermeable membrane dialysis fluid contact with certain chemical constituents.

Dialysis, blood flow through a small gap with a semi permeable membrane composition within the flow of dialysate in the outside, not particles of red and white blood cells and protein and other large holes through the semi permeable membrane; water, electrolyte and blood metabolites, such as urea, creatinine, guanidine and other small substances can diffuse through a semipermeable membrane to the dialysis solution; and dialysis fluid substances such as bicarbonate and acetate can also diffuse into the blood, to remove harmful substances, substances required to replenish the body.

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