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Self care of diabetic nephropathy patients

2017-05-28 09:57

Diabetic patients are prone to lead to diabetic nephropathy. In medicine, diabetic nephropathy is called diabetic glomerulopathy. It belongs to secondary renal disease which is common in clinic. The excretion of urinary protein, more complications in patients with eyelid edema, appear azotemia caused by diabetes and hypertension in clinical manifestations, such as early detection and early treatment of patients with diabetic nephropathy may thus lead to death of complications deteriorating renal failure uremia.

Kidney disease experts believe that the main factors of the patients with diabetic nephropathy of kidney disease is caused by abnormal metabolism due to additional genetic defects caused, mostly because of kidney disease complicated by vascular disease caused by death, through clinical case summary, the following symptoms for patients with diabetes self diagnosis of renal damage and provide the basis.

Proteinuria. Proteinuria is very muddy, there is a big bubble, not easy to be damaged, and the longer time will not disappear, if the urine volume began to increase, now that patients with diabetic nephropathy, due to its high mortality rate, once found please timely to professional hospital diagnosis of kidney disease.

Two, hypertension. Hypertension is associated with diet, lifestyle, illness, complications, and so on. Many people with diabetes will be detected by common in patients with hypertension, aged forty and above, diabetes induced hypertension is easy to form the pressure on the renal vessels, resulting in diabetic nephropathy, regular physical examination is recommended in patients with diabetes, dizziness, headache, nausea and vomiting and other symptoms timely medical treatment.

Three, eyelid edema. Patients with edema is generally eyelid edema, in the morning after getting up is the most common, but the activity will disappear after getting up, for the morning eyelid swollen, slightly dark color, if the eyelid edema often early, need to go to hospital for a diagnosis.

Four, nephrotic syndrome. Suffering from diabetes in more than ten years, often occur in young patients with diabetes mellitus, diabetes mellitus, glomerulosclerosis has reached the advanced stage, very easy to develop uremia, patients must pay attention to this.

Finally, if it is found that the patients according to their usual insulin usage has not been able to control blood sugar, please check the body, and do a thorough examination of the kidney, consult a doctor in serious condition is what causes, if patients with renal function and renal failure caused by the patient, please promptly to the professional kidney specialist hospital.

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