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4 magic weapons for the prevention and treatment of diabetic nephropathy

2017-05-28 10:45

For patients with diabetic nephropathy, it is generally possible to suffer from a kidney disease called glomerulosclerosis, which has tens of thousands of glomeruli and is responsible for the filtration of urine. If the patient's glomerular sclerosis occurs. Waste is not excreted, leading to diabetes, uremia. In addition, the urinary system, kidney to the bladder, are diabetic nephropathy patients prone to chronic complications of the site. If diabetes, blood sugar and other indicators are not well controlled, the phagocytosis of white blood cells to bacteria will decrease and resistance to bacterial invasion becomes worse. Cystitis prone. Bacteria can cause bacterial infections in the kidneys if they extend from the bladder to the kidneys.

It can be seen that diabetic nephropathy is so harmful. How can diabetic patients prevent and control diabetic nephropathy? Diabetic nephropathy is caused by the combined effects of many factors. Strict control of blood sugar, which is an important measure to prevent diabetic nephropathy in diabetic patients. Clinical practice has proved that good glycemic control can reduce the risk of nephropathy in type 1 diabetic patients by half, which can reduce the risk of nephropathy in patients with type 2 diabetes by 1 / 3. In short, for diabetic patients, we must do "prevention in the first place"; for diabetic nephropathy patients, active treatment is the key.

1, control blood sugar: whether it is diabetic patients, or diabetic nephropathy patients, in the treatment process should strictly control blood sugar. Control of blood sugar is fundamental, because blood glucose levels and duration and severity are closely related to diabetic nephropathy. Controlling blood sugar near normal levels can reduce the risk of developing diabetic nephropathy. When the diet and drugs can not control or appear renal failure incomplete, it is inappropriate to use oral hypoglycemic drugs, should be treated with insulin as soon as possible.

2 diet: low salt, low protein, low cholesterol, low fat diet is the dietary principle of diabetic nephropathy. Patients with diabetic nephropathy should strictly limit protein intake. This is because of the high protein diet can increase glomerular hyperfiltration in early diabetic nephropathy patients, has been the emergence of a large number of edema and proteinuria, renal insufficiency patients take limited shelf-life principle in protein intake should be. Because of the low bioavailability of plant proteins. And increase. The burden on the kidneys, so patients have better access to animal protein. To ensure adequate caloric availability, patients may be able to increase their intake of carbohydrates appropriately and consume vegetable oils in moderation. Special attention is that, if diabetic nephropathy, kidney dysfunction is obvious, but also to limit some of the higher potassium vegetables and fruits, such as rape, spinach, tomatoes, kelp and so on. On the premise of strict control of blood sugar. Increase the intake of pasta properly to avoid protein and fat decomposition.

3 control of blood pressure: high blood pressure is a key factor leading to disease exacerbation in patients with diabetic nephropathy, effectively control hypertension can reduce urinary protein excretion, can make kidney function decreases slowly, can prolong the life of patients with diabetes. Therefore, patients with diabetic nephropathy should adopt comprehensive treatment measures, such as keeping a light diet, proper exercise, adjusting the state of mind and taking antihypertensive drugs, so that blood pressure can be controlled within the normal range. Control of blood pressure is also an effective measure to prevent diabetic nephropathy. This is because the effective control of hypertension can prevent renal failure, if the condition to the development of diabetic nephropathy renal failure, hypertension control can also prevent further deterioration, beneficial to avoid the development of renal failure, dialysis and renal transplantation stage.

4 exercise: exercise can control weight, enhance their resistance and insulin sensitivity, and reduce blood sugar, reduce the dosage of hypoglycemic drugs, especially in patients with type 2 diabetes, through exercise can better play the role of insulin. Improve the effectiveness of drug treatment. Patients with early and moderate diabetic nephropathy should exercise 3~5 times a week. Exercise 20~30 points / time. Early diabetic patients can choose the appropriate amount of moderate exercise according to their own conditions and physical factors, such as flat jogging, radio exercises and so on. When clinical albuminuria occurs, low intensity exercises should be carried out, such as walking, Tai Chi, etc.. It should be noted that the exercise time is 1 hours after meal. If there is a clinical proteinuria, it is not suitable for intensive exercise treatment, nor should it be too long exercise, which can delay or prevent the incidence of diabetic kidney failure.

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