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The diet in nephrotic patients is limited to proteins

2017-05-29 11:02

Protein is the first and most important nutrient in the human body. We all attach great importance to dietary protein intake, especially high protein foods are more popular. This is perfectly correct. However, a popular way of eating now is that high protein foods have high nutritional value and eat more; the better, for carbohydrates, the nutritional value is not high, but also lead to obesity, eating less and less. In fact, this kind of eating is a major misunderstanding in nutrition.

Energy is the basis of life, the cessation of energy metabolism, and the termination of life. Of the more than 40 nutrients required by the human body, only carbohydrates, fats and proteins provide the body with energy, called the three largest nutrient.

Usually, the body has enough sugar, sugar is first used in energy supply, energy sources of dietary is the most economical and reasonable, so as to avoid often spend a lot of protein as energy and material consumption, when the lack of sufficient carbohydrates, had to use the protein to provide energy to make up the shortage of energy.

It is necessary to point out that although the production process of the three production capacity of nutrients, is the biological oxidation process, but their metabolites are different: carbohydrates, fat in the body can be completely oxidized, the final product is carbon dioxide and water; and the protein in vivo is not completely oxidized, the final product in addition to carbon dioxide and there are water, urea, uric acid and creatinine. These oxygenated substances must be excreted through the kidneys and excreted with urine. This tells us very well that carbohydrates and fats can be consumed as energy by activity (including exercise) when they are taken inside the body. And too much protein in the human body, it is inevitable to increase the burden on the kidneys.

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