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How to exercise for patients with diabetic nephropathy

2017-07-03 18:01
Diabetic nephropathy patients how to carry out health care has always been a heated topic, Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital kidney disease experts said that effective treatment of diabetic nephropathy, in fact, care for diabetic nephropathy to exercise, in addition to pay attention to the diet. In addition, reasonable and appropriate exercise will also help the disease play a role. Here to see how diabetic nephropathy should do exercise.
Exercise training, according to the individual's physical condition varies, the body is better mild obese patients can be fast walking, 120-150 per minute step; less obese people can be moderate speed, 110-115 per minute step; older body is relatively weak or new features can be slow walking, 90-100 per minute step.
At the beginning of the walk, half an hour each day, after the gradual increase in their own physical conditions, you can divide the morning and evening twice, walking alternately, walking and jogging alternately, which is more suitable for patients with physical weakness, walk 30 seconds Run for 20 seconds, alternately, and gradually shorten the walking time to extend the jogging time. Indoor exercise, more suitable for patients with multiple complications at a later stage, or patients with relatively weak body and hospitalized patients. According to their own physical condition appropriate to do squatting upright, at the beginning, each time to do 15-20 times, after the doctor can be recommended to increase to 100 times. Bed movement, respectively, on the movement, lower limbs, do lift down, left and right separation and other actions, this action on the bed of patients more appropriate. Good physical condition, you can do jogging, cycling, swimming, badminton and other activities.
In summary, patients with diabetic nephropathy to carry out appropriate sports, the recovery of their own disease is a great help, a great advantage. Has been diagnosed with diabetic nephropathy patients need to carefully choose the treatment method, in a timely manner to the regular hospital for treatment, so that patients have the hope of rehabilitation. Once missed the best period of treatment, and other serious illness, and in the treatment is very difficult.
The above is for patients with diabetic nephropathy how to exercise , the exercise is based on the patient's own physical condition, you can consult our online experts, find suitable plans for their own sports method.

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