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Important diabetic nephrotic edema by

2017-01-13 15:41

Important diabetic nephrotic edema by the low protein blood syndrome and renal dysfunction cause, due to Glomerular vascular epithelial cells of normal function is impaired, leading to natural decomposition of epithelial cells are rich in negative charge as a barrier is damaged. This function is damaged, blood protein with a negative charge due to epithelial cell barrier function is damaged, an unobstructed run to the urine, and excreted with the urine, urine routine protein test result will be displayed when the plus sign.

On the treatment of diabetic nephrotic edema: kidney injury incurred from the reason of the puffiness – hands, so as to basically treat kidney disease, elimination of edema. Hospital kidney specialist experience of clinical theory for many years, successfully developed a cure for kidney disease – infiltration therapy, after conditioning the body immune function and Glomerular basement membrane repair, to spread the useful ingredients of drugs by acupoint penetration in patients with kidney, based on promoting blood circulation to remove obstruction, to clean up, repair and the new way of scouring and silting, dredge kidney, renal function is activated for the purpose. Promotion and improvement of atrophy and necrosis of renal microcirculation, speed up the diseased kidneys get rid of, so plenty of drugs useful in developing, repair damaged glomeruli, enhanced renal reabsorption, restored normal physiological functions of the kidney, basically the Elimination of edema and other symptoms of kidney disease.

In addition to genetic factors, high blood sugar, high blood pressure is the main cause affecting the development of diabetic nephropathy, other factors such as diabetic neuropathy, abnormal blood lipid and blood viscosity and intravascular coagulation is also affected, such as diabetic nephropathy, the reason for the development. Prevention and treatment of diabetic nephropathy should take the principle of early diagnosis and treatment.

Should be noted in the following areas: ① tight control of blood glucose, and strive to keep blood sugar at normal levels.

Strict control of blood pressure, priority use of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, you have the option of captopril and metoprolol tartrate, Fosinopril sodium tablets, extended-release nifedipine tablets and nifedipine controlled-release tablets, if blood pressure is still not stable, and may, as appropriate, increase the resistance of calcium channel antagonists, such as blood pressure drugs, better blood pressure control to 130/85mmHg.③ low-salt, low-fat protein diet, too much salt can lead to high blood pressure, edema, and long-term high protein intake will increase the burden of diabetic kidney, renal function injury, wet, and edema worse.④ check traces of urine albumin excretion rate, to detect early diabetic nephropathy. Now study found that angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors can be reversed with early diabetic nephropathy and reduce proteinuria, long-term use can reduce mortality and cardiovascular disease. General urine protein-positive, should be checked on a regular basis, actively control a variety of negative factors. If the lesion developed into uremia, needed a kidney transplant or dialysis.

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