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Cause analysis of diabetic nephropathy edema(1)

2017-02-02 16:40

Edema is a pathological phenomenon of excessive fluid accumulation in the interstitial space. Diabetic patients with lower extremity edema, in addition to a few reasons, most of them are associated with various chronic complications of diabetes, is a sign of many chronic complications. Common in the following circumstances:

1. Diabetes mellitus complicated with renal insufficiency is the most common cause of lower extremity edema in diabetic patients in Zhongshan People's Hospital of Guangdong Province, Tang Bin. Kidney damage in the diabetic patients, due to urinary protein leakage, a large number of glomerular filtration rate decreased and severe hypoproteinemia caused by lower limbs, eyelid and facial edema, there may be severe systemic edema. Urine routine  examination showed that the protein and tube type, renal function indicators (such as creatinine, urea nitrogen) increased can be identified. 
2, diabetic heart disease diabetes mellitus complicated with coronary heart disease   and cardiomyopathy are easy to cardiovascular disease, serious illness can be caused by heart failure (especially    the right ventricular dysfunction) caused by systemic congestion and retention of water and sodium, lead to neck 
vein engorgement, hepatosplenomegaly and lower extremity edema of the said. Such patients often accompanied by palpitation, chest tightness, shortness of breath, cardiovascular symptoms and ischemic electrocardiographic  changes, can be distinguished. 

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