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Cause analysis of diabetic nephropathy edema(3)

2017-02-02 16:39

8, diabetic patients with hypothyroidism in some patients with diabetes (especially elderly women) and hypothyroidism, which can cause lower limb or facial myxedema, which is characterized by finger pressing parts does not appear to change the depression, edema. In addition, hypothyroidism patients often have tiredness and weakness, lethargy, cold, bradycardia, constipation and other symptoms, laboratory evidence of thyroid function (FT3, FT4) for identification of low. 

9, idiopathic edema in female diabetic patients with lower extremity edema, we must pay attention to exclude "idiopathic edema". This edema often occurs in the child-bearing period, patients often accompanied by symptoms of neurosis, edema is often associated with the menstrual cycle. "Orthostatic water test" positive will help idiopathic edema edema diagnosis. Other diabetic patients, such as chronic liver disease and other conditions, also can appear lower extremity edema. In patients with chronic liver disease manifestations (such as anorexia fatigue, liver disease, liver palms, face spider, jaundice and abnormal liver function, etc.) combined with B-mode ultrasound for identification. In short, the causes of diabetic edema is multifaceted, to combine the specific circumstances of the patient, a specific analysis, in order to identify the causes and to provide targeted treatment. Attachment: lying in the water test 
in the morning after fasting fasting, drinking water 1000ml; vertical position in the state of urination once every hour, 4 times, the total amount of urine. Second days of the same drinking water 1000ml; lying resting state, once an hour, a row of 4 times, the total amount of urine. Comparison of the results of the two 
measurements, if the vertical urine volume is lower than 50% of the lying urine, that is positive.


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