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Fish + eggs to prevent diabetic nephritis

2017-05-14 11:00

Food proteins can be divided into two categories: plant proteins and animal proteins according to their different sources. Vegetable proteins mainly come from cereals, rhizomes, nuts, nuts and so forth. Animal protein mainly comes from fish and shrimp, poultry meat, livestock meat, eggs and milk.

What is worth mentioning is that the content of non essential amino acids in plant proteins is high, the bioavailability is small, and too much intake will aggravate the burden on the kidney, which is harmful to the prevention and treatment of early diabetic nephropathy. The animal protein essential amino acid content is high, high utilization rate, good nutritional value, especially animal food in the milk, eggs, aquatic products, nutritional value of protein which is better, is conducive to the protection of the kidney. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of early diabetic nephropathy, in addition to the control of glucose metabolism disorders, the use of high-quality protein diet is also an essential measure.

Experts warn that, in addition to reasonable dietary regulation and food choices, controlling blood sugar through drugs remains the key to preventing and reducing early diabetic nephropathy. This is because clinical diabetic nephropathy, once diagnosed, is irreversible. Even if blood sugar is within normal limits, it does not stop the progression of renal dysfunction. Therefore, blood sugar should be controlled within an ideal range in the early stages of kidney disease.

Experts pointed out that according to the type and condition of diabetes to choose insulin and oral hypoglycemic agents, as far as possible to reduce blood sugar to nearly normal, glycosylated hemoglobin standards. In the early stages of diabetic nephropathy, strict control of diabetes often reduces urinary protein excretion.

Patients with diabetic nephropathy and patients with renal failure should be treated with insulin. But because of reduced renal degradation of insulin in renal failure patients as well as the lack of food intake, the patient needs to insulin often reduced, prone to hypoglycemia, some patients may be due to reduced peripheral insulin receptor sensitivity requires a large dose of insulin, so the dose must be adjusted according to individual circumstances.

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