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How does diabetic nephrosis suffer from uremia to treat?

2017-05-26 09:05

Diabetes can cause various complications and treatment, diabetic nephropathy is one of the microvascular complications of diabetes, diabetic nephropathy from mild to severe is divided into five phases, with diabetic nephropathy is a serious. If you have been diagnosed with diabetic nephropathy complicated with uremia, you can no longer use oral hypoglycemic drugs. Since renal glucose threshold changes, can be used to observe the condition glycosuria. Such as to determine into traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine treatment of uremia period should be cautious, you can choose peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis, discharge the waste in the blood. If all the conditions permit, renal transplantation can be performed, with more pronounced results.

diabetic nephropathy

1 blood glucose in the ideal range, choice of oral hypoglycemic drugs in non uremia period, but once in uremia, it cannot take oral antidiabetic drugs, due to changes in renal glucose threshold, so it can not be used to observe the condition glycosuria.

2, the strict control of blood sugar colleagues, but also strictly control blood pressure, which improves renal function has some help. Blood pressure is best controlled below 130/80mmHg, but also limit the protein and salt intake, it is best to take high-quality animal protein, salt intake control at 5 grams / day.

3 to choose our pain treatment, TCM therapy has rich experience in the treatment of kidney diseases, but after entering the uremia, syndrome differentiation therapy should be carefully, also can choose peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis, rid the body of waste, if the parties have noodles permits can choose regular professional the hospital underwent renal transplantation.

Special note: do not service oral antihypertensive drugs, can not be used to measure the urine glucose observation, to strictly control the blood glucose, blood pressure, protein and salt intake control but also remember, styled, because of complicated with diabetic nephropathy uremia period has been more serious, but also not treatment, so the above treatment must be carefully chosen.

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