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The daily life of the patients with renal failure should be

2017-05-26 10:05

Patients with renal failure in life must be the law, which is the key of adjuvant therapy, renal failure and chronic kidney disease are developed, is a kind of serious kidney disease, serious violations of people's health and life. Therefore, the patient should do self-care work, and cooperate with the doctor to control their own disease development.

The kidney is a waste organ, and once it is injured, the influence on the human body is all over the world, and it seriously affects people's health. Experts advise: diabetic nephropathy, hypertension, nephropathy and other refractory nephropathy should pay attention to, because they are one of the main causes of kidney failure. In the treatment of renal failure, we should also pay attention to the prevention of renal failure. Strengthen follow-up, check the condition. For patients with kidney disease, chronic renal failure did not enter active prevention; and to have entered the stage of chronic renal failure patients should take medicine on time, regular visits, best every 3 to 6 months to check 1 times, this is the "two grade prevention", "three grade prevention". Patients with kidney disease must be careful of colds and infections and disrupt kidney function.

Rest more, less tired, rest, in order to help illand rehabilitation, the patient should comply with the law of life. In the morning, according to their physical conditions for proper exercise, such as Taijiquan, walking, etc., of course, to avoid wind, rain, snow and other weather out, and should pay attention to four changes, timely add and subtract clothes. Keep the indoor air fresh and circulation, keep warm, prevent the cold. Diet should be light, as far as possible less food, tobacco, spicy fried products, and at the same time according to the doctor guidance, comply with four times replacement, at any time adjust diet. After the infection occurs, should be promptly under the guidance of the doctor medication, medication must be careful, strictly follow the prescribed medication. Patients with renal failure should also pay attention to controlling blood pressure and reducing blood lipid. Proper exercise may help to strengthen your immune system and fight against all kinds of diseases. But when it comes to exercise and recuperation, make the right time. The rest time of chronic renal failure patients is more than that of exercise time. As much as possible to stay up late, as much as possible to reduce the biological clock, to maintain the smooth state of the body.

Kidney patients should pay attention to the reasonable diet, pay attention to rest, to develop good habits, kidney symptoms, normal kidney disease hospital for treatment of patients with renal failure, must have the law of life, only a healthy and reasonable life, be conducive to the treatment of renal failure.

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