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How does diabetic nephrosis have albuminuria?

2017-08-08 16:31

Diabetic nephropathy is one of the common complications of diabetes, while diabetic nephropathy proteinuria is one of the common symptoms of diabetic nephropathy. So, how does diabetic nephropathy have proteinuria?

Causes of proteinuria in diabetic nephropathy:

Similar causes of proteinuria in other types of nephropathy, urine protein in diabetic causes with the exclusion of hyperglycemia, hypertension, urinary tract infection and other diseases of the kidney and urinary protein in diabetic heart failure and so on, appeared to be mainly due to renal glomerular basement membrane damage. The occurrence of proteinuria in diabetic nephropathy is an important window to determine whether or not nephropathy occurs.

Normal adults 24 hours urine protein total less than 150mg, teenagers can slightly higher, but not more than 300mg/24h, when the total protein in urine exceeds 300mg/24h and be detected, that is called proteinuria. This is the common clinical manifestation of kidney disease and other diseases.

1. The main causes of proteinuria in diabetic nephropathy are hyperglycemia, hypertension and protein intake. The permeability of basement membrane increases during prolonged hyperglycemia, which results in protein leakage and deposition.

2. The incidence of albuminuria in hypertensive patients is obviously higher. High protein diet accelerates kidney damage in renal insufficiency patients, leading to the presence of urinary protein.

3. Other complications of diabetes, such as cardiovascular disease, pyelonephritis and lower urinary tract infection, may also be the cause of proteinuria. Especially in patients with type II diabetes, the age of onset is generally larger, and the chances of hypertension, congestive heart failure, arteriosclerosis and nephropathy are increasing.

In short, through the introduction of the above, we must actively guard against symptoms, immediately go to the hospital, so as not to delay the disease. It is better to do some physical examination at regular intervals so as to nip in the bud.

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