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Why does diabetes cause kidney disease?

2017-09-14 15:49

Diabetes is a common disease, the incidence in our country is many, especially in the last few years in middle aged people of this disease is in the obvious rise, and this is if diabetes has not been timely and effective treatment will lead to some complications, including a kind of kidney disease is a very common, here to explain why does diabetes cause kidney disease.

Why does diabetes cause kidney disease?

If the patient does not receive timely and effective treatment or in life do not pay attention to good will cause some of the other is nursed back to health diseases, which is a lot to see a kidney, the following is to explain in detail then why does diabetic can cause kidney disease? The incidence of diabetes is caused is a very important factor in kidney disease, because people know about this disease is relatively scarce, many patients don't know they are suffering from diabetic nephropathy, so in the usual time will not be too concerned about the daily diet, it will lead to the emergence of kidney injury. Have high blood sugar of patients, this is great for kidney damage, high blood sugar is one of the main reasons will lead to the body's metabolism disorders also can induce nephropathy, but also is likely to be the development of uremia.

If the patient is chronically elevated in blood sugar, the protein of the kidney tissue and glucose molecules in the body can function. Most of the patients have hypertension disease history in diabetes, an important factor in hypertension but also occur nephropathy, hypertension is will accelerate the development of nephropathy can lead to impaired renal function, finally leads to the occurrence of uremia, so in diabetes care for control of blood pressure is also a when the situation is very important.

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