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What are the causes of diabetic nephropathy leading to death

2017-09-14 16:04

Diabetic nephropathy is due to diabetes complications, diabetic nephropathy patients must be especially in the treatment process, and actively cooperate with medical treatment, but the fatality rate of diabetic nephropathy is relatively high, what are the causes of diabetic nephropathy leading to death?

What are the causes of diabetic nephropathy leading to death?

Diabetic nephropathy can affect the renal function of the human body, some patients may have symptoms of kidney disease, the patient will have a glomerular hyperfunction in the early stage of the disease, or filtration rate increased along with the condition of further development, there may be a period or stage nephropathy. At the end of diabetic nephropathy may form uremia, once the formation of human uremia, the survival rate is quite low, uremia need a kidney transplant or dialysis is alleviate the lesion, which is a major lethal factor.

Once the formation of human diabetic nephropathy may lead to decreased immunity, due to increased human blood glucose rapidly, and may cause human infections of some other pathogenic microorganisms, some patients may have infectious disease, common diseases have pyelonephritis or necrosis, infiltration rate of renal arteriosclerosis and other symptoms, these are also belong to the common the cause of death, to pay attention to the hospital in time to control the disease, treatment.

In fact, diabetic nephropathy has development process, so patients should strive for treatment time in patients with diabetic nephropathy, we must pay attention to a person's diet, total calorie intake according to body weight in patients with weight to determine the nutritional composition must pay special attention to protein intake, glomerular filter in the high state of high protein diet may the body will lead to disease aggravation, may also exacerbate glomerular hemodynamics, so patients should take diet low in protein and high in vitamins to alleviate symptoms.

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