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Why is the incidence of urinary tract infection in diabetic

2017-10-01 11:19

Diabetes and infection can affect each other, infection can increase diabetes, and diabetes is easy to concurrent infection. Diabetes patients with the prevalence of infection can be as high as 32.6% to 90.5%. In these infections to the respiratory system infection, followed by urinary tract infection. Diabetic patients with urinary tract infections the most common pathogens for Gram-negative bacteria, fungal infection can also be seen. About 10% to 20% of patients showed asymptomatic bacteriuria.

Why is the incidence of urinary tract infection in diabetic patients higher than normal?

The incidence of urinary tract infection in diabetic patients is higher than that in the general population, which is mainly related to the following factors:

Diabetic patients contain more glucose in the urine, some bacteria in the high sugar content of urine is easy to reproduce.

Diabetic patients with poor control often have the defects of phagocytosis, intracellular sterilization, cellular immunity and other defense functions, which make diabetic patients prone to urinary tract infections. Experiments show that diabetic patients with granulocyte bactericidal effect than the general population was significantly weakened, and after control of blood glucose bactericidal effect was significantly strengthened.

Diabetic patients prone to secondary neurogenic bladder, urinary retention, so that bacteria easily in the bladder breeding, especially after the use of the catheter is more prone to retrograde urinary tract infection.

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