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Why is uric road obstruction easy to suffer from uric road i

2017-10-01 11:22

Urinary tract obstruction, especially lower urinary tract obstruction, easy to induce urinary tract infection. Autopsy data statistics, non-obstructive pyelonephritis incidence was significantly lower than that of obstruction, only 0.23%. Clinical data: the incidence of non obstructive pyelonephritis is 0.6%, while the incidence of urinary tract infection with urinary obstruction is more than 10 times higher than that without obstruction. The main reason is: urinary tract obstruction to the poor drainage of urine or bladder residual urine increased, is conducive to bacterial growth and reproduction, bacteria back to the kidney and cause kidney infection and the formation of scar.

 Why is uric road obstruction easy to suffer from uric road infection?

 Lower urinary tract obstruction of about 60% complicated by pyelonephritis. Upper urinary tract obstruction with infection, although less, but the consequences are serious. Once complicated infection, it is easy to destroy the renal tissue rapidly, or acute renal papillary necrosis or septicemia which is difficult to control.

Due to urinary tract obstruction, obstruction above the renal tissue pressure, oppression of the arterial blood flow to reduce the renal tissue resistance decreased, it is more conducive to infection and bacterial growth. In addition, urinary tract obstruction often occurs after hydronephrosis and empyema. If the obstruction does not release, the infection will be repeated, lingering unhealed.

Urinary tract obstruction is mainly seen in renal obstruction, such as ureter, urethral malformations, prostatic hypertrophy, neurogenic bladder, urinary tract stones and tumors. But also can be seen in renal obstruction, such as uric acid stones.

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