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What is the cause of diabetic nephropathy

2017-01-12 16:02
Description of the disease:I am a diabetic patient, the hospital also recently test that I have diabetic nephropathy, check out what shows plus 2 urine protein, urine occult blood plus 1, and high blood pressure.As a result of complications caused by diabetic nephropathy, also known as diabetic nephropathy, there are several reasons. A: the occurrence of hyperglycemia and hyperglycemia is closely related to poor glycemic control can accelerate the development of diabetic nephropathy and two genetic factors of diabetic nephropathy: diabetic nephropathy also showed family aggregation in some patients with diabetes with family history of hypertension in diabetic nephropathy was also significantly higher than those without family history of hypertension patients in different ethnic groups between the rate of diabetic nephropathy also exist the differences show that the incidence of diabetic nephropathy and genetic factors

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