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A person with diabetes nephropathy

2017-01-24 14:11

A person with diabetes nephropathy, insulin, various acute complications of diabetes patients the main disease of life is no longer a threat. Diabetes patients with chronic complications gradually became a threat to the health of the main symptoms. Including diabetic nephropathy is one of the most severe chronic complications of diabetes; Is also one of the main causes of death in patients with diabetes. It is reported that 50% of patients with type 1 diabetes died of chronic renal failure, and there is 5% ~ 10% for type 2 diabetes died of kidney failure. Poor blood sugar control for a long time will cause the damage to the kidney, patients suffering anasarca, proteinuria, uremia, eventually died of renal failure. 


Diabetic kidney disease to their degree of kidney damage assessment, early nephropathy: 

Routine urine protein negative urine trace albumin higher (> 25 mu g/min) mid early treatment can reverse kidney disease: 

Routine urine protein positive serum creatinine Cr, urea nitrogen BUN normal (i.e., normal renal function) advanced kidney disease: 

Routine urine protein positive serum creatinine Cr, urea nitrogen BUN increased significantly (i.e., kidney function is damaged) end-stage renal disease: 

Edema, hypertension, and early detection of diabetic nephropathy uremia renal failure as a result of early diabetic nephropathy look not to come out through the urine routine examination, therefore can only 24 hours urine trace albumin test on a regular basis, so that can timely found early diabetic nephropathy, early nephropathy active treatment can be reversed. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients need to be at least check once a year. 

Kidney disease - diabetes blood sugar control is a process of gradual development, once the clinical manifestations of clear, have been difficult to effect a radical cure diabetic nephropathy, so the first treatment is to control the blood sugar of diabetes. Recently, the United States and Canada academics published their 10-year cost hundreds of millions of dollars of DCCT results, they found that a good blood glucose control can make diabetic kidney disease incidence by half. Such as have been developed to early nephropathy patients, to control the condition, have not affect kidney function, should actively encourage patients treated with insulin. Because most of the oral drugs fall blood sugar need to renal excretion through (except sugar comfortable flat, thanks to sugar), as a result, when kidney damage is serious, should avoid the use of these drugs. 


Late when patients have kidney disease, i.e., serum creatinine, blood urea nitrogen increased significantly when treated with insulin, because of the reduced insulin excretion by the kidneys, so the daily insulin requirements will be significantly reduced, if continue to insulin dose before, often prone to hypoglycemia. 

Kidney disease - control of blood pressure in patients with type 1 diabetes, most of the high blood pressure is secondary to diabetic nephropathy, and type 2 diabetes is there are a lot of high blood pressure and diabetes coexist at the same time. But anyway, can, in turn, significantly make diabetic nephropathy hypertension further deterioration. So the control of blood pressure is very important in diabetic nephropathy. Especially for patients with type 1 diabetes, if control of blood pressure in the early nephropathy may late to the development of renal failure delay 10 to 20 years. 

Control of blood pressure drug choice: control of blood pressure has a variety of drugs, including converting enzyme inhibitors is often the best choice, because it is in addition to lowering blood pressure, also improve diabetic nephropathy. 




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