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Diabetes is the biggest culprit induced nephropathy

2017-01-19 14:08

"For 2015, according to data in our hospital for peritoneal dialysis patients, 59% are caused by diabetic nephropathy, the proportion accounted for only 7% of the 1990 s, to 13% at the turn of the century, diabetes has now beyond hypertensive renal damage, interstitial nephritis, such as kidney disease risk factors, ranked only after chronic nephritis." 

Diabetic nephropathy group have risen sharply 

"In the past, chronic nephritis boasting kidney disease pathogenesis factors in the first place, at the peak of 60% ~ 70%, and now has only 40% ~ 50%, and diabetic kidney disease caused by the crowd surging, the proportion has crossed the line before it hypertensive renal damage, interstitial nephritis and other pathogenic factors." Professor xue-qing yu detailed introduce to the reporter, roughly 2006, 15% ~ 20% of guangdong province for diabetes nephropathy patients, and this data is only 7% in the 1990 s, was 13% at the turn of the century. And the hospital in 140 patients with abdominal through last year, has as much as 39% of patients with kidney disease to diabetes factors. "In Europe and the United States and other countries, caused by diabetes nephropathy have accounting for almost half the proportion of kidney disease crowd." Many western countries, he said, hypertension and diabetes population is high and subsequent cause kidney disease huge crowd. 

"This suggests that diabetes population rising sharply now, some of the attached for the development of kidney disease." Relative to other factors, diabetes caused by kidney disease treatment more difficult. Features: patients with diabetes vascular sclerosis, viscera damage to different extent, prone to infection, caused by kidney disease progression to fast, also had a shorter survival time. 

Kidney patients to encourage to drain 

Early detection of priority should be given to patients with kidney disease diabetes abdomen rather than hemodialysis, "because diabetes itself vascular condition is bad, may be a direct result of dialysis effect is not ideal, is easier if you choose hemodialysis vascular damage, the more will be slightly worse. After" But he also noted that if itself have abdominal cavity adhesion, abdominal surgery, skin infection, abdominal tumor, copd patients, polycystic kidney is too large, and so on and so forth, are not suitable for to drain, can consider to transplant and other treatment options. 

Check how many still keep some early patients with autologous urine formation, focus on encouraging choice abdomen through the way of dialysis and reduced so that the urine speed slow. "Although the drain, hemodialysis, and so on any other ways than their kidney function is perfect, but the key can encourage early with autologous urine to drain, to members of the kidney from day to day will decline, but hemodialysis may be six months or a year was completely unable to produce urine itself, and to drain can also help people maintain two or three years to five or six years." Due to urine can effectively take away the body of toxins, once the loss of human peritoneal function, cannot produce urine, toxins can't discharge, water treatment, you must choose to take off the more medicines, but also with high concentration of sugar in the low concentration of sugar helps the body fluids. "But high concentration of sugar side effects to the human body is greater than in low concentration of sugar." Xue-qing yu said. He pointed out that no urine to drain can delay the time of arrival, in the meantime, patients with relatively few restrictions would drink water, drink soup, and patients with hemodialysis or no urine, too much water will lead to adverse reactions such as heart unbearable. 


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