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Understands from hospitals, in uremic patients

2017-01-24 13:50

Understands from hospitals, in uremic patients, there were more than 30% of the patients is caused by diabetes, one of the most young patients with only 30 years old or so. Medical experts pointed out that diabetes has become the following cancer, cardiovascular disease, the third largest health "killer". So remind everybody especially young people, must change the bad habits and customs, strengthen exercise, keep diabetes away from yourself. 

There are three kinds of the most common form of diabetes: type Ⅰ diabetes, Ⅱ with type 1 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. Clinical go up 90% - 95% of patients with diabetes to Ⅱ diabetes. In an interview with the reporter understands, patients with diabetes are past the elderly over the age of 60, but now in some hospitals in their 20 s young patients is also one of the more common, downtown hospital outpatient diabetes even treated have a only small patients of seven and a half months. Li-yan han director said, at present the cause of diabetes, multiple and showed a trend of getting younger over the bad living habits of the first place, because of the urban population carry momentum gradually reduce, coupled with the high quantity of heat, high fat and high protein, low cellulose, such as unreasonable dietary intake, caused a lot of people obese, which also makes the incidence of diabetes increased gradually. In addition, the prevalence of diabetes is as the growth of the age and growth, our country is in a stage of aging is coming, the increasing of the aging population of diabetes increased year by year. 

It is known that diabetes may induce a variety of complications, such as high blood pressure and heart, cerebrovascular disease, and the combining kidney disease, eye disease, etc., these complications is diabetic patients the main cause of disability and death. Of uremia induced by diabetes is rising in its clinical treating uremic patients, more than 30% of the patients is caused by diabetes, one of the most young patients with only 30 years old or so. At first, there is no obvious clinical symptoms, this group has not yet been developed to the degree of renal failure and uremia. But in fact, they have put on the hat of "waiting" uremia. This period is often not taken seriously by people, but with the gradual development of renal injury, will arrive at the uremic stage, the kidney will not be able to get rid of toxins and excess water, can't play a role of a variety of regulation of physiological functions, can only rely on renal transplantation, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis lasted three methods. 

Medical experts say, to avoid the occurrence and development of diabetes complications, the key is the early detection of diabetes, early treatment. One of the most important, the most basic means is to change the bad life style, diet, increase the movement, reduce weight. For more than 40 years old of middle-aged to do a blood glucose test every six months. And some have patients with diabetes to adhere to medication under the guidance of doctors, control blood sugar. In addition, the agent of avoid by all means eat and, as far as possible choose taking the relatively small renal toxicity for oral administration. 


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