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According to the etiology and pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy

2017-01-24 13:59

According to the etiology and pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy, treatment should been used, invigorate the circulation of blood. Is the so-called "evil doesn't go to is disturbing," evil spirits can eradicate ", this is about intervention therapy of traditional Chinese medicine as well as the usual conditioning has important guiding significance. In foundation treatment (including control blood sugar, high blood pressure, low salt quality low-protein diet) at the same time, cooperate with TCM treatment based on syndrome differentiation, treatment of diabetic nephropathy, reasonable application of qingrejiedu lishi method, can eliminate and ease of damp heat evil, restrain the kidney immune inflammatory response, to reduce proteinuria, promote kidney repair, and improve renal function, control the progress of the disease has a positive role. As ancient cloud: "this not and mutually leave water and blood, bad blood for water", focus on promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis in the treatment, especially those with a long illness, stress will loose a long illness. 

Western medicine classification principles, the disease is often pided into early, middle and late 3 period of treatment. 

Early: on liver and kidney qi and Yin deficiency type, with nourishing liver and kidney, yiqi huoxue. With: ginseng, radix rehmanniae, yuan shan cornus, pseudostellaria root, radix puerariae, radix ophiopogonis, salvia miltiorrhiza, winged euonymus twig, twotooth achyranthes root. 

Spleen and kidney Yang deficiency of type, cure to benefit spleen and kidney, yiqi huoxue. With: astragalus, codonopsis, grifola, poria cocos, salvia miltiorrhiza, papaya, radix rehmanniae, radix puerariae, epimedium, alisma, ze LAN, dwarf lilyturf, angelica. 

Kidney Yang deficiency of heart, cure to yiqi yangxin, tong Yang invigorate the circulation of the water. With: ginseng, radix ophiopogonis, fructus schisandrae, grifola, poria cocos, salvia miltiorrhiza, semen lepidii, cassia twig, alisma, ze LAN, white mulberry root-bark, semen plantaginis. 

Medium-term: generally choose rehmannia root, cornel, fleece-flower root, dry lotus grass, fructus ligustri lucidi, radix ophiopogonis, radix astragali, rhizoma coptidis, radix paeoniae rubra, salvia miltiorrhiza, rhizoma ligustici wallichii, hawthorn, radix aucklandiae, rush of amomum villosum, magnolia bark, rhizoma atractylodis, etc. Both liver depression and qi stagnation and radix bupleuri, bitter orange, acid-insoluble ash, red root of herbaceous peony; Both lung and stomach's hot and thirsty obviously with plaster stone, rhizoma anemarrhenae; Heat and hardness in frequency, urgency, urine, urine pain and glabrous greenbrier rhizome, herba pyrrosiae, radix rehmanniae elm. 

Late, late, pseudostellaria root, angelica, atractylodes, astragalus, codonopsis, lotus grass, cordyceps sinensis, fructus ligustri lucidi, drought straight ladybell, radix ophiopogonis, fructus schisandrae, etc, the material selection of more cooked rhubarb, natrii powder, monkshood, grifola, rhizoma ligustici wallichii, salvia miltiorrhiza, etc. Blood deficiency syndrome and pale color, meet oral pale white flatness and astragalus root, angelica, medlar, cultivated land. 

Part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with reference to the modern pharmacological studies showed that astragalus can improve renal local hemodynamic abnormalities, reduce blood sugar, improve protein non enzymatic, reduce the permeability of proteinuria. Winged euonymus twig can lower blood sugar, and at the same time decrease whole blood viscosity, regulating blood lipid metabolism, improve blood rheology and decrease the pathological product of deposition, glomerular sclerosis relieve glomerular pathological damage. Rhubarb can improve the glucolipid metabolic disorder of diabetes mellitus, affect renal hemodynamics, reduce renal lipid peroxidation damage, reduce proteinuria. 

On the one hand, we should pay attention to adjust the immune function of patients, application of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is primarily a tonic medicines, such as: tonifying qi available ginseng, astragalus, codonopsis, sijunzi decoction, fill in yiqi decoction. Nourished with cinnamon, pilose antler, Chinese caterpillar fungus, malaytea scurfpea fruit, dodder, epimedium, curculigo, desertliving cistanche, eight rehmannia pill, etc. 

Should pay attention to avoid using close also, han acutum, blister beetle, tripterygium wilfordii, centipede, bee venom, motherwort and so on have kidney toxicity effect of traditional Chinese medicine. 


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