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Eat a lifetime of noodles, do you know?

2017-01-25 17:23

Speaking of noodles, we are not strangers. No matter where you go, we all want to eat a bowl of hot soup. But now the market for the type and color of noodles is endless. For such a long time, do you know how to cook noodles?
Noodles are rich in starch, protein, crude fiber and calcium, iron, phosphorus and other nutrients, but also eat a lot of satiety.
The benefits of eating noodles are a lot. China saying "eat early, eat lunch, dinner to eat less" principle. So:
Noodles best suited to eat at noon
Noodles rich in carbohydrates, and it can provide enough energy, 100 grams of noodles cooked into 400 grams. It is able to produce a strong sense of satiety. Noodles can stimulate people's thinking activities, it contains B vitamins, stimulate the brain cells. In the morning, we should eat some foods with high protein content, eating noodles at night is not conducive to digestion and absorption, and so at noon to eat a bowl of noodles with reasonable nutrition is a good choice.
Eating noodles will not gain weight
Every 15 grams of cooked noodles containing 1 grams of fat, 7 grams of protein, 40 grams of carbohydrates and 180 thousand calories, for those high calorie fat food, it is not fat, can give people a sense of satiety. Many studies have shown that slow acting carbohydrates can increase satiety. Therefore, the amount of intake will not gain weight oh!
Eat warm noodles
Eat a lot of noodles, some cold water, also has the high temperature of the Youpo surface, however, do not covet a hearty and stimulate eating cold or hot surface. Hot face will damage the esophagus, too cold is not conducive to absorption, most of the time, or to a bowl of hot noodles the most appropriate.
The high surface nutrient components
Different wheat flour, made noodles tastes different. Generally speaking, eat up more tenacious surface protein will be more, can complement the human body needs nutrition. Of course, the production process will lead to differences in the taste of noodles. For example, the north face in order to make the surface more pliable, you can add some salt to "wake up", and will not damage the nutrition oh!
The original soup of the original food
There's a saying in the traditional diet. When cooking starchy foods, the surface of the starch will be scattered into the soup, when heated to 100 degrees, the starch particles will be broken down into dextrin, can help digest food. But the soup contains digestive enzymes, can not be damaged in the process of cooking; can also help digestion of food. So that's the right thing to say.
Eat noodles, look at the physique
Eat noodles without habits; eat in Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste in Sichuan to eat noodles...... But according to the season, different physical to eat noodles, so as to enjoy the delicious, but also to ensure health.
Noodles is also a traditional culture, should pay attention to the collocation of noodles and ingredients. So love to eat noodles friends should pay attention to, can not just eat to fill the stomach, so that sometimes there will be physical discomfort, so be sure to enjoy a healthy and delicious noodles oh.

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