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Diatetic nephropathy diet

2017-01-26 15:57

First, high quality low protein diet    In general, the number of protein intake, serum creatinine levels should refer patients and endogenous creatinine clearance decision. The higher the level of serum creatinine, the lower the creatinine clearance rate, the more strict the control of protein intake. The specific approach is: to reduce the intake of vegetable protein, vegetable protein containing non essential amino acids, protein is inferior, usually should eat soy products, appropriate restrictions such as staple food, flour, rice, the staple food because there is a certain amount of plant protein, may be appropriate to add milk, egg, fish, meat and other animal protein, especially with milk and egg protein. Animal protein contains essential amino acids. Second, Timed quantitative diet   Diabetic nephropathy patients can eat three or four meals a day . The distribution

of Three meals' heat a day: breakfast is 1/5, both of lunch and dinner are 2/5. Four meals' heat distribution is that breakfast 1/7, the rest of the three meals each 2/7. Third, limiting salt and water     When patients with hypertension or edema, to limit salt intake, daily should not exceed 3 grams; water intake should be correct, the quantity of urine a day before the addition of 300-500 ml, maintained substantially constant weight


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