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Diabetic nephropathy diet

2017-01-24 14:29



Diabetic nephropathy is a common complication of diabetes mellitus and is one of the most important causes of death in diabetic patients. Due to the early symptomsofdiabetic nephropathy is not obvious, generally easy to be ignored, and when there are edema, serious Proteinuria, hypertension, Low and nephrotic syndrome or uremia, most of them are in the middle and late stage, the prognosis is poor. Cangzhou city people 's hospital of nephrology medicine yanshuhe diabetic nephropathy in early diagnosis and treatment. Once confirmed, in addition to the necessary medication, it is important to pay attention to dietary regulation. This can help to reduce the burden of the kidney, beneficial to the control and rehabilitation of the disease, and reduce the excessive time and further damage to the kidney. Its diet mainly has the following: 1. control plant protein intake. Diabetes mellitus, because of the need to control carbohydrate intake, often use plant protein as supplementary nutrition. Plant protein contains a large number of piaoyinjian, excessive intake will increase the kidney burden, guying limit soybean, mung bean, soybean milk and other high-protein food consumption, can replace fish, shrimp, sea cucumber and lean meat. 2. limit fat. When kidney disease occurs, the intake of fat should be limited, because fat can aggravate atherosclerosis, kidney itself is the manifestation of renal arteriosclerosis. Vegetable oil can be used instead of animal fat, and daily vegetable oil intake should be controlled below 60-70 g. 3. restrict Purine food. A large number of purine in the body metabolism can aggravate the kidney burden. Celery, spinach, peanuts, chicken



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