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Diabetes can eat food and can not eat

2017-02-06 14:30

Diabetic nephropathy patients can eat starchy staple food with rice; surface; corn flour; sorghum flour; buckwheat flour; millet.
Diabetic nephropathy patients can eat the vegetables cabbage; rape; peas; pickpurse; radish; pumpkin; Luffa; melon; cucumber; squash.
Patients with diabetic nephropathy can eat fruit watermelon; bayberry; kiwi fruit; strawberry.
In patients with diabetic nephropathy can eat fish lean meat; eggs; turtle; eel; carp bream.
Fatty oil in patients with diabetic nephropathy can eat with rapeseed oil; sesame oil; corn oil; cottonseed oil and other food.

Not diabetic nephropathy patients eat starchy foods with sweet potato; potato; taro; arrowhead.
Can not eat carbohydrate foods in diabetic nephropathy patients with sugar; sugar; maltose; glucose; honey; chocolate; fruit sugar; preserved fruit; canned fruit; soft drinks; jam; sweet bread; various cakes.
Can not eat fruit with diabetic nephropathy banana; orange; litchi; grape; visceral fat; brain; egg yolk; egg

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