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Diabetic nephropathy diet notes

2017-02-06 14:40

1, 3 ~ 5 of patients with diabetic nephropathy will gradually accompanied by symptoms of high blood pressure, so we must strictly grasp the limits of salt standards. Diabetic renal insufficiency, salt intake should be around 2 grams per day.

2, take a high protein diet for a long time, may increase the state of high filtration of the kidney, at the same time increase the production and retention of toxic nitrogen metabolism in the body, resulting in further damage to renal function. Therefore, we believe that the appropriate amount of protein in the diet to reduce kidney damage. Total protein restriction. In general, the daily diet of protein, in accordance with the 0.6-0.8 g / kg standard weight given, but also to improve the quality of protein within the limits of the scope of the star. In patients with diabetic nephropathy third, 4, while adhering to the principles of diabetes nutrition treatment at the same time, master the quality and quantity of daily protein intake, out of balance, it may be beneficial to the recovery of the kidney. For example: height 170 cm, the standard weight of 65 kg, urinary albumin of 80 mg / min is an early diabetic nephropathy. Therefore, the total amount of protein in the daily diet should be: 65 x 0.6-65 x 0.8=39 g ~52 g, high-quality protein should account for more than 25 grams.

3, when the development of diabetic nephropathy to end-stage renal disease, protein restriction should be more stringent. Wheat starch diet was used as the main source of heat energy, instead of rice and flour. Because it contains a large amount of rice and flour and other staple foods in non high quality vegetable protein (each containing 4 grams of 50 grams), and plant protein content of wheat starch in little. However, due to the production of wheat starch is not easy, it can also be used to replace the current market sales of corn flour. This can save the amount of plant protein, animal protein supplement, which is more conducive to meet the physiological needs of the body.

4, the amino acid supply as much as possible intake of essential amino acids, can also be oral alpha keto acid (kidney tablets) to replace part of essential amino acid or amino acid supplement with kidney.

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