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Chinese cabbage diet with diabetic nephropathy

2017-01-24 14:28


The introduction of raw materials: for the head of Cruciferae and the shoot ( also known as Chinese cabbage ) of cruciferous vegetables, it has become an essential part of Chinese household table. In the winter of northern China, Chinese cabbage is a frequent visitor on the table, so there are " winter Chinese cabbage, such as bamboo shoot ". Chinese cabbage has high nutritional value, there is " Bai than cabbage ". Nutrition analysis: Chinese cabbage contains more than 90 % cellulose. The modern nutritionist called the " seventh nutrient ", not only can play the role of promoting toxins, promote the role of detoxification, but also stimulate peristalsis, defecation, help digestion function. It has good effect on preventing bowel cancer. Another important role of cellulose is to promote the absorption of animal protein. Air is especially dry in autumn and winter. the cold wind hurts people 's skin. Chinese cabbage contains rich vitamin c, vitamin e, eat more cabbage, can play a very good skin care and Beauty effect. Scientists at the new York hormone institute found that breast cancer in Chinese and Japanese women is much lower than western women because they often eat Chinese cabbage. There are trace elements in the Chinese cabbage that help break down estrogen associated with breast cancer. Suitable crowd: generally per capita edible. Especially suitable for lung heat cough, constipation, kidney disease patients to eat more, while women should eat more; dabaicaixing partial, stomach cold abdominal pain, stool tangxie and hanlizhe more. Food guide: when half, yishun silk cut, such cabbage is easy to be cooked. When cooking, use methods such as boiling, scalding and juice, etc. to avoid signboard nutrients


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