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So how to prevent nephritis

2017-03-21 14:59

First, the control diet, to avoid excessive intake of acidic substances, increased acidity. Dietary acid-base balance is very important for the treatment and prevention of complications of diabetes. To eat more food rich in organic alkaline active foods, eat less meat, eat more vegetables. The ancient Qamma is rich in plant organic active alkali, can rapidly eliminate acid poison, clear urine acid poisoning, so as to truly protect the kidney.

Two, participate in aerobic exercise, proper exercise, in the sun to do more exercise sweating, can help eliminate excess acid in the body, so as to prevent the occurrence of kidney disease.

Three, maintain a good mood, do not have too much psychological pressure, excessive pressure will lead to the deposition of acidic substances, affecting the normal metabolism. Proper regulation of mood and self stress can maintain alkaline constitution, thereby preventing the occurrence of nephropathy.

Four, the law of life, living habits of people, such as the night to sing Cara OK, playing mahjong, night life and other rules, will increase the physical acidification. Easy to suffer from diabetes. We should develop good habits, so as to maintain a weak alkaline, so far from their nephropathy.

how to prevent nephritis Nursing notes

1, nephritis patients should pay attention to blood pressure if there is high blood pressure, must be carefully controlled, high blood pressure can increase the burden on the kidneys, and then make the disease worse. There is no high blood pressure, usually pay attention to prevention.

2, nephritis patients daily diet should pay attention to light in general, high protein content should be properly controlled. Many patients are because of the holidays, gathering of friends and family, eat a lot of food, the condition suddenly worsened.

3, nephritis patients do not over physical labor too much, or strenuous exercise, stay up late, too much sex, etc., will make the disease worse and recurrence.

4, nephritis patients should pay attention to the daily care of moderate exercise when the disease is not completely at ease, do some exercise, under the guidance of doctors in general, do not do strenuous exercise, walking, brisk walking is easy to do, every one to two times, each 20 to 30 minutes is appropriate.

5, pay attention to the prevention of infection of upper respiratory tract infection is common, tonsillitis and pharyngitis and should pay attention to the prevention of enteritis. These infections are likely to cause acute exacerbation or exacerbation of kidney disease. Especially the climate change season, when cold, wet and windy, attention to the temperature of the house, keep indoor dry, open doors and windows to avoid "Chuantangfeng" clothes to keep warm, not hot cold ning. In addition, urinary tract infections will make the disease worse, once the occurrence of timely treatment.

Nephritis need how to care? Nephritis in our lives is a common kidney disease, therefore, we should pay attention to it, a good treatment of kidney disease. In addition, the reasonable care of the disease is that we can not ignore the professional treatment and careful care, will promote the rapid and sound recovery of patients. Finally, I wish you good health!

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