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pitaya - unsweetened high sugar fruit

2017-07-16 14:48
On the market, pitaya sell very expensive, you have a reason why, pitaya what nutrients and diet effect? Come and have a look......
Pitaya has an excellent therapeutic effect on human health. Mainly because it contains general food, rare plant albumin and anthocyanin, rich vitamins and water-soluble dietary fiber.
Albumin in Pitaya is a sticky, gelatinous substance that has a detoxifying effect on heavy metal poisoning. It also protects the stomach wall.
Pitaya contains vitamin E and a more specific component - anthocyanins. Anthocyanin in grape skin, red beet and other fruits and vegetables are contained, but the highest content of anthocyanin in Pitaya fruit. They have antioxidant, anti free radicals, anti-aging effects, but also to improve the prevention of brain cell degeneration, and inhibit the role of dementia.
At the same time, pitaya also contains vitamin C whitening skin and rich water soluble dietary fiber, which can reduce weight, lower blood fat, relax intestines and prevent colorectal cancer.
The unique mucus of Pitaya's branches and flowers, which is extremely low in osmotic pressure, contains a large number of highly effective nutrients and therapeutic substances. In addition to pitaya with the prevention of constipation, promote eye health, increase bone density, cell membrane formation, help prevent anemia and anti neuritis, angular cheilitis, lower cholesterol, prevent skin whitening freckle effect, also has the detoxification of heavy metals, anti free radical, anti senile disease, slimming, anti colorectal cancer etc.. The new research shows that pitaya has positive effects on tumor growth, virus and immune suppression. At the same time, it can treat dry and hot cough, hemoptysis, cervical lymph tuberculosis, parotitis, hernia, carbuncle and swelling.
Pitaya has many benefits, but here we still want to emphasize that, although pitaya does not taste sweet, but it is high sugar fruits, for diabetics, must be a small amount of food, or in a "honeytrap" in sweet sugar trap.

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