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Broccoli bud extract helps control blood sugar

2017-07-24 16:50
An international research team recently in "Science Translational Medicine" magazine published a paper called broccoli sprout extract concentrates to help patients with type 2 diabetes control their blood glucose. The scientists expected to develop new alternative therapies, to alleviate the problem of diabetes increased.
Diabetes has become a global epidemic, the world has more than 300 million people suffering from type II diabetes, but because there is a risk of kidney damage, as many as 15% of patients with diabetes not taking drugs. In order to find a metformin treatment, more feasible at Johns Hopkins University, Lund University in Sweden, the Swiss team of institutions such as University of Geneva researchers, will target aiming to the expression pattern of genes associated with diabetes, hope to find compounds related genes against type II diabetes expression.
They analyzed the diabetes related genes in the liver, combined with human genetic data, determine the disease characteristics of type II diabetes, and then use the public data sets of gene expression screening of 3852 compounds to find drugs may reverse the disease. One of the most promising chemical researchers called sulforaphane, a there are natural compounds in cruciferous vegetables. It can inhibit the generation of glucose in the culture, the diabetic rat liver gene expression from disease state. In a randomized placebo for 12 weeks on the contrast experiments, the researchers gave 97 patients with type 2 diabetes taking concentrated broccoli sprout extracts, the results show of these, the fasting blood glucose concentration in diabetic patients was significantly lower than that in the control group.
The researchers said the new findings contribute to the development of new and alternative therapies, for patients with type 2 diabetes is a disease of the gospel. And public gene expression analysis of combined data set, or is an effective method to identify disease related compounds.

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