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How to prevent the most dangerous diabetic nephropathy? Diab

2017-10-29 13:48

The detection rate of sugar and kidney is low, mainly due to the early symptoms are not obvious, and other symptoms are obvious, there is more serious. In this regard, we can start from the following aspects.

Regular observation of urine: Although diabetes patients sometimes have foam urine, but after the occurrence of nephropathy proteinuria urine is relatively turbid. The best time to go to the hospital for examination.

How to prevent the most dangerous diabetic nephropathy? Diabetes should do these five things well

Often measure blood pressure: for diabetic and hypertensive sugar friends, often to measure blood pressure to stabilize the disease. A relatively stable blood sugar can measure blood pressure once a week, and a blood sugar friend who has a high blood pressure should measure blood pressure early, middle and late every day. The blood pressure should be normal when the mercury column is not more than 140/80 mm.

Strict control of blood glucose: in patients with diabetes: must have good control of blood glucose, blood glucose can often detect fasting blood glucose is normal, no more than 7 mmol / L, postprandial blood glucose less than 10 mmol / L, glycosylated hemoglobin is less than 7% for normal. In addition, blood lipids should also pay attention to, because the ultra-high blood lipid is also an important cause of diabetic nephropathy. Good glycemic control, stable condition, it is not easy to complicated with kidney disease.

Choose appropriate hypoglycemic drugs: diabetes patients need to take hypoglycemic drugs for a long time, and currently commonly used in the market of guanidine, sulfonylureas and other hypoglycemic drugs are mostly through the liver and kidney excretion. Therefore, long-term use is so on kidney damage, diabetes, kidney if an exception occurs, it must be taken without dressing, kidney metabolism of hypoglycemic agents or insulin, so as not to aggravate the burden of kidney disease progression.

Regular urine microalbumin test: the urine can not judge all the cases, so the necessary urinary microalbumin test should be done. With more than 5 years of diabetes history and high blood pressure of sugar friends, it is best to check microalbuminuria every three months, the ordinary sugar friends should be checked once a year, and found the disease.


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