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Diet principle of diabetic nephropathy patients without dial

2017-11-17 17:41

Diabetic nephropathy is one of the most serious complications of diabetes, and is the main cause of end-stage renal disease. Diabetic nephropathy is the main microvascular complication of diabetes, mainly refers to diabetic glomerulosclerosis, a kind of glomerular lesion mainly with vascular damage. Patients with diabetic nephropathy need to pay attention to dialysis or dialysis, the situation is different. So, what diet principle does diabetic nephropathy patients without dialysis attention?

Diet principle of diabetic nephropathy patients without dialysis

Patients with diabetic nephropathy should adhere to certain principles before and after dialysis treatment, strictly limit protein intake, and strictly limit the intake of water. Patients can eat a lot of vitamin C rich vegetables and fruits, while also fasting some other salty food.

Long term use of high protein diet may aggravate the high filtration status of the kidney, and increase the production and retention of toxic nitrogen metabolites in the body, leading to further damage to renal function. Therefore, we advocate moderate restriction of dietary protein to reduce kidney damage.

A misunderstanding: patients think, or do not eat meat, dairy products, eggs, vegetarian is a low protein diet, but less essential amino acids containing plant protein in vegetarian, can not meet the needs of the human body, long-term consumption may cause protein malnutrition, is not conducive to the recovery of renal function.


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