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Eating properly in diabetic nephropathy?

2017-02-02 17:04

Eating properly in diabetic nephropathy?
1, reasonable diet: limit intake of protein is an important means to delay the progression of diabetic nephropathy should be different limits according to the different stages of kidney disease. Low salt diet can help control blood pressure, and edema. Add iron, calcium, and helps the kidneys recover.

2, quit: smoking can accelerate the decline in renal function. Smoking in patients with kidney failure in patients with diabetes than nonsmokers much faster. So, if you smoke, quit immediately from now on.

3, prevention of urinary tract infection: diabetics prone to urinary tract infections. After a urinary tract infection occurs to regular antibiotic treatment, so as not to make the already impaired kidneys "worse." 4, avoid using drugs that damage the kidneys: some drugs can impair renal function. Mainly by renal excretion of drugs, renal insufficiency are advised not to take it. Therefore, be sure to read the instructions or consult a physician before taking.

5, dialysis and kidney transplantation: renal function failure after dialysis or kidney transplantation successfully in a timely manner will enable you to regain health.


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