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Diet prescription for chronic kidney disease(2)

2017-01-24 14:16

Four, limiting potassium ion

Potassium is widely present in meat, dark green vegetables and fruits, dried beans. Renal function is not good, may not be able to effectively remove excess potassium, potassium is too high will cause serious cardiac conduction and abnormal contraction, and even death. When the food need to restrict potassium ions, should choose less potassium containing fruit was high the vegetables. Such as letinous edodes, amaranth, spinach, broccoli, spinach, bamboo shoots, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, mustard, pomegranate, peach, loquat, orange, hard persimmon, orange, Sakyamuni, and avoid eating raw vegetables; others such as coffee, tea, chicken, beef extract, ginseng extract, concentrated thin salt broth, soy sauce, salt and soy sauce, half salt, salt and potassium content is also high generation. When cooking, food first in boiling water, remove the soup and then fried in oil, can reduce the intake of potassium.

Five, limiting phosphate ions

The main function of phosphorus is to strengthen bones, almost all food contains phosphorus, in patients with renal failure due to kidney is not working properly, the excess accumulation of phosphorus in the blood, causing high blood phosphorus, can cause skin itching and bone lesions. Most physicians will prescribe hydrogen aluminum or Calcium Carbonate Tablets, the two are with phosphate binders. Phosphorus stones in food, which is eliminated in the feces. (please note: phosphate binders must be mixed with food chewing taking to be effective.) in addition to taking phosphate binders, for high phosphorus foods such as dairy products, soft drinks, cola, yeast (Jian Su sugar), offal, dried beans, whole grains class (brown rice, whole wheat bread), eggs, dried fish should also be careful to avoid eating food before cooking, hot, also can remove part of phosphorus.

Six, limit moisture

If the amount of urine excreted through the mouth into the reduced liquid holdup in the body, causing the body edema, elevated blood pressure, even at this time, pulmonary edema, fluid intake must limit every day, usually oral intake of liquid volume is approximately equal to the quantity of urine day plus 500cc is appropriate.


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