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Diabetic nephropathy is not nephritis or kidney deficiency

2017-01-24 15:18

Diabetic nephropathy is not nephritis or kidney deficiency
Due to diabetes kidney disease is seen in general in the process of diabetic proteinuria, hypertension, edema, renal insufficiency, kidney disease, including changes in diabetic glomerular sclerosis, renal arteriolar sclerosis, pyelonephritis and renal papillary necrosis.
Diabetic nephropathy (DN) is a kind of diabetic glomerulosclerosis, which is related to abnormal glucose metabolism. It is a part of systemic microvascular disease, and is also the main manifestation of diabetic nephropathy.
In recent years, with the increasing incidence of diabetes, diabetic nephropathy has increased year by year, becoming one of the main reasons leading to the death of diabetes. In the United States each year about 4000 diabetic patients die of this disease, in some dialysis centers, diabetes patients with DN for blood or membrane dialysis accounted for 1/4. Studies have shown that the incidence of diabetic nephropathy is different from the type of diabetes, age of onset and course of disease. Patients with diabetes who are 20 years of age are about 50% more likely to develop diabetic nephropathy than those aged around the age of 20. On the contrary, ill after the age of 40, to get sick after 20 years only 2-4% chance of occurrence of diabetic nephropathy, according to the Baer report, also at the age of 20-40 patients, history within 10 years the incidence of DN was 3%, 10-20 was 50%, and in the history of more than 20 years of nearly 100% nephrotic microangiopathy. Statistics indicate that insulin dependent clinical type DN diabetes incidence rate is about 40%, about half of the patients with type 2 diabetes caused by DN died of uremia. The main cause of death for young patients. The incidence of clinical non insulin dependent type DN diabetes and uremia caused by DN was significantly lower than that of patients with type 1 diabetes, but research shows that the development of patients with type two diabetes can aggravate cardiovascular and retinal complications. According to a study published in 1998 by WTO, the mortality of cardiovascular complications in patients with type two diabetes mellitus was significantly higher than that in patients with proteinuria. Above, DN is an important complication of diabetes, especially type 1 diabetes, a serious impact on the lives and health of patients with diabetes.
Diabetic nephropathy, diabetes belongs to the TCM, lumbago, category of off grid. The understanding of this disease was earlier, the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease to the clinical treatment has a detailed record, has accumulated a wealth of clinical experience, in recent years, the study of traditional Chinese medicine on the disease more in-depth, rapid progress. In particular, combined with the advanced technology and theory of modern medicine, the curative effect of this disease has been further improved. We are on the basis of previous experience, through the long-term clinical observation, considered that the pathogenesis of this disease is mainly diabetes long, lingering constantly, make the viscera function disorder, yin and Yang Qi and blood deficiency and the incidence of. The pathological viscera on the liver spleen kidney three dirty, and beside the related phlegm and blood stasis, water three. The clinical use of Spleen Qi, tonifying the liver and kidney, blood and water treatment preparation combined with syndrome differentiation, with elements of Tangshenkang series of traditional Chinese medicine in treatment of diabetic nephropathy has achieved satisfactory clinical effect, the general three months can not only eliminate the symptoms, reverse disease, recovery of renal function and eliminate proteinuria, at the same time the whole reversed diabetes.
The above made scientific introduction for diabetic nephropathy, which have a certain understanding for diabetic nephropathy, in the treatment of diabetic nephropathy should pay attention to treatment with professional doctors actively, so as to avoid serious damage to the kidney.

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