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What does the doctor say about diabetic nephropathy

2017-01-25 15:39

Because many diabetic patients lack of awareness of diabetic nephropathy, when their diabetes into diabetic 

nephropathy when they did not pay attention, thus resulting in deterioration, when to go to the hospital for 

treatment, it is too late, so the understanding of diabetic nephropathy in diabetic patients is quite focused. 

So what are the symptoms of diabetic nephropathy? The following by my site under the kidney hospital doctors for 

everyone to explain in detail.

Diabetic nephropathy is caused by diabetes, proteinuria PRO as the main performance, severe renal disease will 

lead to kidney failure, according to the extent of the disease can be pided into five stages.

Proteinuria PRO: the most important manifestation of diabetic nephropathy. During the period of proteinuria PRO 

was intermittent, and gradually developed into continuous, urine microscopic examination showed white blood cells

and tubular type, accompanied by the development of the disease, urinary albumin excretion gradually increased.

Edema: diabetic nephropathy patients usually have no edema in the early stage, a part of patients in the plasma 

protein, can show mild edema. When 24 hours proteinuria PRO more than 3 G, edema will show. Obvious edema was 

seen in patients with diabetic nephropathy.

High blood pressure: in type 1 diabetes patients without nephropathy in the prevalence of high blood pressure than

normal people was not increased in patients with type 2 diabetes with high blood pressure is relatively large, 

but showed proteinuria PRO high blood pressure ratio also increased in kidney synthesis when patients with high 

blood pressure, the blood pressure tall part was moderate. One part is severe.

Anemia: a patient with diabetic nephropathy who has a significant interstitial nephropathy, with mild to moderate

anemia. Anemia dyserythropoiesis, ineffective treatment with iron.

Abnormal renal function: from the proteinuria PRO showed abnormal renal function, interval time is very large, if

the diabetes is very good control, can be years of proteinuria PRO without showing abnormal renal function. If the

control is not good, renal insufficiency will be signs.

The above is related to the performance of diabetic nephropathy to explain, for diabetic nephropathy patients, 

seize the time to go to a regular hospital for treatment is very necessary. My website under the kidney hospital,

Hebei kidney disease hospital, ad hoc blood purification center professional treatment acute (chronic) nephritis,

nephritic and impaired renal function of diabetic nephropathy, IgA nephropathy, lupus nephritis, uremia were 

higher in various kidney diseases.


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