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Symptoms of renal failure in patients with diabetes mellitus

2017-01-25 16:41

Diabetic nephropathy is one of the common complications of diabetes mellitus, which has a great impact on diabetic patients.

Renal failure in diabetes mellitus:

Oliguria, urine volume suddenly reduced to 400 ml daily, because of water, sodium, metabolites and toxic retention, 

hypertension and edema, the treatment process due to excessive fluid or azotemia blood osmotic pressure increased, trouble 

caused by polydipsia and. As the disease progresses, there is an increase in blood pressure and heart failure. High blood 

pressure, heart failure, due to sodium, water retention and myocardial damage caused by acute pulmonary edema.

Electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders, hyperkalemia caused by oliguria and high resolution, irritability, lethargy,

 hypotonia, bradycardia, atrioventricular block and ventricular fibrillation, cardiac arrest. Symptoms of acid poisoning, such

 as drowsiness, wake up easily, breathe deeply and slowly, even coma. Uremic anorexia, nausea, vomiting, anemia, chest 

tightness, palpitations, bleeding and neuropsychiatric symptoms.

Secondary infection symptoms, patients with secondary infection, and the clinical manifestations are often atypical, should be

 done in the middle of urine and sputum culture.

Directive opinion:

If the urine is too small, the volume of urine increased every day, more than 1500 ml / day, that is, into the polyuria period

. This period is sustainable for 1 to 3 weeks, often with water and electrolyte metabolism disorders, especially hypokalemia.

Urine volume gradually returned to normal, the symptoms and biochemical indicators were significantly improved, many patients 

can be left permanent renal damage.


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