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How long diabetic nephropathy live?

2017-01-26 15:53

Kidney is a very important organ of the human body, the incidence of diabetic nephropathy in our country is very high, diabetes disease on the patient's health hazards is difficult to measure, then, diabetic kidney disease can live for a few years?

The question of how long a diabetic nephropathy can live is not a unilateral decision, it is determined by a combination of factors, such as the treatment, the choice of the drug, the patient's own condition, whether there are other medical history, etc..

In the early stage of diabetic nephropathy, high quality and low protein diet should be given to the patients with edema and hypertension.

Strict control of blood glucose, before the emergence of clinical diabetic nephropathy, which is in the early stage of diabetes, insulin pump or subcutaneous injection of insulin to maintain blood glucose control strictlydiabetic, basically normal, can delay or even prevent the occurrence and development of diabetic nephropathy, reduce the increased glomerular filtration rate and improve the microalbuminuria.

Control of hypertension, hypertension will promote the development of renal failure, effective antihypertensive treatment can slow down the rate of decline in glomerular filtration rate, reduce urinary albumin excretion. Often need to combine other antihypertensive drugs. Other antihypertensive drugs such as calcium antagonists, diuretics, clonidine, etc..

Restriction of protein intake, appropriate reduction in the amount of protein in the diet can reduce glomerular pressure, reduce the high filtration and reduce proteinuria. On the contrary, a high protein diet can aggravate the glomerular pathological changes. Renal dysfunction has been more restricted protein intake, and should be consumed with high protein essential amino acids.

Dialysis and kidney transplantation are the only effective treatment for renal failure. Renal transplantation is the best way to treat diabetic uremia, better than dialysis treatment. Age >65 years old patients with poor graft

In patients with diabetic nephropathy and actively prevent disease but also affect the important factors of diabetic nephropathy can live longer, reduce the patients with elevated blood pressure, or reduce the high status of patients, so as to reduce the occurrence of proteinuria in patients with renal failure and delay the patient.

Through the introduction of the above, you should now be clear, diabetic nephropathy can live a few years can not be concluded in advance, according to the patient in the course of treatment to restore the status of the. In the scientific treatment programs and the role of reasonable care, I believe the patient will soon get rid of the trouble of diabetic nephropathy, have a healthy life.


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