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Kidney disease diagnostic errors, creatinine increased a little is a big problem

2017-02-15 09:46

It is reported that the most common renal function detection index is domestic serum creatinine, common 44-133umol/L index range of general, patients are about 150umol/L, many people feel a little higher no matter, but they do not know the danger.

Southern Medical University Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and Western Medicine Professor Wei Lianbo made a simple analogy: people have two kidneys, we temporarily understand the function of a good kidney is about 50%, about the sum of the two is 100%. The human kidney function is a strong compensatory potential, as long as a person with a good kidney, blood test of renal function indicators can be normal. In other words, when we found that blood treatment renal function is abnormal, even when a little abnormal, the loss of renal function may have more than 50%, that is to say two is equivalent to a kidney necrosis. So a little bit of creatinine is not a trivial matter.

Wei Lianbo introduced in foreign countries, see whether abnormal renal function is more is to look at the glomerular filtration rate (GFR), normal adult is about 80-120ml/min, if less than 60ml/min, regardless of whether the symptoms can be diagnosed as chronic kidney disease.

Do not blindly single treatment, combined with better effect

At present, for chronic kidney disease, western medicine treatment with hormone therapy, but hormone therapy alone, prone to complications of Cushing's syndrome, osteoporosis, avascular necrosis of the femoral head, hypertension, diabetes, gastric ulcer, some even steroid hormone dependent. "Combination of Western medicine in the prevention of chronic kidney disease has good curative effect and little side effect, according to statistics, the use of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine is invalid, about 40% of patients can restore the curative effect, Chinese medicine can make the side effects of Western medicine 60% reduced to 20%."

Professor Wei Lianbo, traditional Chinese medicine oral Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation, Chinese medicine iontophoresis, Moxa Moxibustion, auricular therapy such as traditional Chinese medicine, side effects, can reduce the hormones to improve the curative effect, reduce recurrence. In addition, the need to remind, chronic kidney disease, chronic nephritis treatment cycle is long, for example, the best treatment plan are in need of treatment for 2-3 years long, and easily due to cold or fatigue and other objective reasons of recurrence, therefore need to regularly check, adhere to medication."

Prevention: daily life arrange, ill health protection

Long term overwork or mental stress can induce or aggravate kidney disease. Therefore, Professor Wei reminded that high-risk groups must be reasonable arrangements for daily living, pay attention to rest, avoid staying up late, do not over exertion.

Light diet: prevention of kidney disease is best to promote light, low salt, low fat, high quality protein diet, if too much, too greasy, it will increase the burden on the kidneys, induce or aggravate kidney disease.

Prevention of colds: colds and other diseases of the upper respiratory tract infection is more of a viral infection, if the treatment is not timely, it will induce the inflammatory reaction of the kidney tissue, thus pathogenic. In addition, the infection is an important factor to cause or aggravate kidney disease, so in addition to avoid cold pathogenic disease, nephropathy patients should pay attention to avoid infection.

Drink plenty of water, not water: some workers or busy work often drink less or hold back, this is a very bad habit, people through the water metabolism of urine, metabolic waste or toxins can be excreted, reducing water will affect the metabolic process, and even lead to kidney stones; and the hold time is too long can lead to no urine, and even affect the health of the kidney, leading to renal failure


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