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Advantages of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Treating Diabe

2017-04-26 18:54

Advantages of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Treating Diabetic Nephropathy

1The effective protection of patients with kidney. Uremia period, 90% of the kidney cells have been fibrosis, residual kidney units less than 10%, this time, patients will appear severe metabolic acidosis symptoms, heart, brain and so will appear a series of symptoms of deterioration, the patient has Into the stage of end stage renal failure. At this stage, the rational treatment of Chinese medicine and health care, can significantly restore the residual renal function in patients with uremia.

2 Enhance the resistance of uremic patients. Due to the body of toxins, excretion of waste and other long-term erosion, uremic patients with metabolic system has been disorders, the function of various organs have been severely damaged, so its immune function is greatly reduced. According to statistics, due to immune function caused by the various infections are caused by the main cause of death in uremic patients. Therefore, to enhance patient resistance, from the invasion of other diseases, thereby extending the life cycle, is one of the important aspects of treatment. In this regard, Chinese medicine with its unique treatment characteristics show their own advantages, and was recognized by the majority of patients.

3 The regulation of endocrine, to promote the body toxins excretion. Toxins erosion affects the metabolic function of uremic patients, endocrine disorders and easily lead to other diseases, the resulting complications have seriously affected the quality of life of patients. Chinese medicine in this area can significantly play its regulatory role, to avoid the Western medicine in the treatment of many deficiencies.

4 Reduce side effects. Dialysis treatment will increase the burden of patients with heart, lung, brain function, increase the loss of nutrients, resulting in various elements of the body imbalance, and induced a variety of complications. The use of traditional Chinese medicine can significantly reduce the negative effects of dialysis, improve the overall effect. Reasonable use of Chinese medicine in the treatment and conditioning, can reduce the amount of Western medicine and varieties, reduce the side effects of drugs to improve the safety of comprehensive treatment.

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