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Diabetic nephropathy, the early symptoms of kidney disease

2017-01-14 16:46

Diabetic nephropathy, the early symptoms of kidney disease, you don't, insidious onset, slow onset. Early nephropathy of kidney increased Microalbuminuria occurs, for a number of years, so most of the patients with diabetic nephropathy is significant proteinuria or significant edema noticed strange.

Clinical manifestations are as follows:

1. proteinuria is the first clinical manifestations of diabetic nephropathy, new discontinuity, after conversion to sustainability. Determination of albumin in urine by Radioimmunoassay or micro-albumin, early diagnosis of proteinuria, good for control.

2. edema of diabetic nephrotic edema due to proteinuria caused by this late stage show that has been developed to diabetic nephropathy. With GFR decline the clinical manifestations of renal impairment, and poor prognosis.

3. high blood pressure appeared relatively late. To increase blood pressure in diabetic nephropathy phase, may be associated with Diabetic Renal resistance vessels in structure and function are closely and, in addition, sodium and water retention is one of the factors of high blood pressure. High blood pressure can increase kidney lesion development and deterioration in renal function, it is important to control high blood pressure.

4. anemia obviously azotemia in patients with diabetic nephropathy, light ~ moderate anemia. Obstacles of anemia for erythropoietin, iron treatment is invalid.
5. abnormal appearance of proteinuria of renal function abnormal renal function, interval varies greatly, if diabetes is well controlled, proteinuria and renal function does not appear for many years. If the control is bad, it appears, renal insufficiency with azotemia. In addition, diabetic nephropathy is often associated with diabetic retinopathy.

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