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Is it buzzing in your ears? Maybe these diseases are for you

2017-07-24 16:30
The eye is the window of the heart, the ear is the window of induction. The problem of the ear does not only mean it is difficult to hear the sounds again, but it is more likely to indicate that some diseases are taking place quietly, for example, the following 5 kinds:
1. sudden hearing loss, alert to this disease
According to statistics from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 2008, the incidence of hearing loss in diabetic patients was 2 times higher than in healthy people. The prevalence of hearing loss in pre diabetes group was higher than that in normal subjects by 30%.
Note: the following 3 items with any one, can be diagnosed with pre diabetes: 1, fasting blood glucose 6.1-7.0mmol/l; 2, 2 hour postprandial blood glucose 7.8-11.1mmol/l; 3, HbA1c = 5.7%
Seth Schwartz hearing experts in Seattle said the exact cause of hearing loss caused by diabetes is unclear, and may now speculate that a high blood glucose effect of blood supply in the ear. On the other hand, the content of glucose in the blood of people with diabetes is high, a considerable part of the bacteria with sugar as source of nutrients, so the risk of diabetes patients usually higher than average, including ear infections.
All this can lead to hearing impairment
2. when you chew, you have pain in your ear, and the problem may lie on your chin
Schwartz pointed out that many people because of ear pain to see a doctor, after examination found that the problem is actually on the chin, that is, temporomandibular disorders
Temporomandibular joint is located in front of the ear, around the linkage joint with rotating and sliding function. The anterior branch of the temporomandibular joint nerve from the masseteric nerve and auriculotemporal nerve of the ear, so the temporomandibular disorders often cause earache, tinnitus, in mastication, speech and mouth is especially obvious.
If symptoms persist and do not relieve, be sure to seek medical attention in time
3. buzzing in the ear to see if the blood pressure is high
Tinnitus is a very common and complex symptom. It may be associated with more than 200 diseases. Common symptoms include depression, anxiety, elevated blood pressure, and so on. Tinnitus may also indicate a benign tumor - acoustic neuroma, but it is rare
Schwartz believes that a short duration of tinnitus is more likely to be associated with stress or bad mood, without excessive worry, and that long periods of tinnitus or symptoms are getting worse and should be treated as early as possible
4., there is a blockage in your ears. It may be a cold or an allergy
Schwartz explained that there is a communicating duct between the middle ear cavity and the nasopharynx. It is called the eustachian tube, and the eustachian tube is the only channel through which the eardrum connects to the outside world
Under normal circumstances, the eustachian tube is sometimes open and sometimes closed, it can ensure that the outside air flow into the middle ear, and also make the middle ear mucosa have time to absorb excess air, thus maintaining the balance of the middle ear and external pressure
But once the allergy or cold nose blocked, the middle ear can not get fresh air in time, resulting in a blockage in the ear
5.. Sticky, smelly, may be infected
Tinnitus, ear pus, earwax stink, earache is typical of otitis media and otitis media is a common complication of influenza, found in children.
According to the different forms of earwax can be divided into 2 types, one is a sheet of dry earwax, the other is a grease (sticky) wet earwax. Specific to the individual, the morphology of earwax and genetic, but they are a normal phenomenon.
But if you find yourself suddenly become dry earwax wet, and continue to flow, it may be a symptom of ear infection, need timely medical treatment, and the use of antibiotics in treatment when necessary.

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