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What are the eyes symptoms of diabetic nephropathy?

2017-09-15 16:38

Patients with diabetic nephropathy diet should do well. Control salt intake in your life. In order to protect kidney good, reduce the workload of the kidney effectively, patients with diabetes should as far as possible to eat less salt dishes, such as eating salad, or eat steamed food, and stewed food, it is best not to eat pickles and pickled products, etc.. So, what are the eyes symptoms of diabetic nephropathy?

What are the eyes symptoms of diabetic nephropathy?

Ocular symptoms of diabetic nephropathy is changed retina pathology, patients will appear blurred vision, eye of a foreign body sensation, eye pain, and decreased visual acuity and so on, are gradually appeared, if the occurrence of retinal vitreous body, will be fluttering shadow and other symptoms.

Late diabetic nephropathy will also occur in other diseases, if to end-stage diabetic nephropathy, so then it is not easy to treat diabetes, and pay attention to the prevention of diabetic nephropathy, early treatment.

Type 2 diabetes patients, if they are diagnosed, undergo routine medical and urinalysis tests every year, or routine urinalysis 3 or 6 months to see if there is any proteinuria. If appear, should intervene in time cure.

After have this disease, in normal life, everyone is not sure early diabetic nephropathy is very dangerous, often without symptoms, but urine albumin.

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