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Neuropathy in diabetic nephropathy

2017-09-15 16:41

Diabetic nephropathy is a common disease in our life, this disease is mainly caused by diabetes, the disease severity and harm is very big, diabetic nephropathy is a chronic complication, the main manifestation is the emergence of proteinuria, renal function decreased, hypertension, edema and other phenomena, this disease should be timely to the hospital for treatment, to take reasonable methods of treatment, if patients with neuropathy, also to timely treatment.

Neuropathy in diabetic nephropathy

Nerve lesions in patients with diabetic nephropathy, can be used for drug treatment, the main drugs reasonable calcium dobesilate dispersible tablets, Irbesartan Dispersible Tablets, Furosemide Tablets and so on these types of drugs are effective for treatment of diabetes, patients can according to their own condition under the guidance of a doctor in the rational use of drugs.

Take reasonable treatment for patients with diabetic nephropathy appear neuropathy after using oral hypoglycemic drugs for treatment, for patients with renal failure, but also with the use of insulin therapy, to adjust insulin according to the patient's blood glucose status dose.

In patients with diabetic nephropathy in addition to drug treatment, also need to pay special attention to life diet, can not eat sweet food, do not eat foods containing more fat and high protein, will increase the burden of the body, patients can eat some fruits and vegetables contain more vitamin foods.

Diabetic nephropathy is a common disease that occurs in the elderly, is a disease of great harm to the body, should adopt the reasonable methods of treatment, I hope it can bring you help.


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