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What kind of oral disease can diabetic nephropathy cause?

2017-11-07 17:41

Diabetic nephropathy is a complication of diabetes, there are no clinically significant symptoms of early diabetic nephropathy, so that diabetic nephropathy is a bit difficult, but time will cause other diseases of abnormal diabetic nephropathy. Only patients with better understanding of the disease, timely and correct treatment, in order to make your life better.

What kind of oral disease can diabetic nephropathy cause?

Oral fungal infection

For Candida infections, is the mouth appear white, erythema, koujiaoyan. Ordinary people the disease prevalence rate is 8%, while the diabetes patients reached 16%.


The most common symptom is bleeding gums, long time, the teeth will loose. Generally speaking, if you don't take active treatment, the teeth will fall off in about 10 years. Studies have shown that the risk of severe periodontitis in diabetic patients is 8.5 times higher than that in the general population, and the risk of missing teeth is 2 times higher.

Erosive lichen planus

This disease is second only to recurrent oral ulcers of oral mucosal disease, manifested as oral mucosa reticular white lines, redness, and some patients have mucosal erosion, and therefore cause pain. The disease does not heal like recurrent aphthous ulcers, and often lasts longer. Due to the long-standing wounds in the mouth, there is the possibility of cancer.

dental caries

The study found that the amount of saliva in diabetic patients decreased significantly, and the cleaning effect of oral cavity was weakened. Moreover, the acidity of saliva increases, which is conducive to the growth of cariogenic bacteria.

Maxillofacial soft tissue infection

Is the main bacterial infection, cause local cellulitis, showed redswellingfeverand pain, the body is have a fever.


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